Take charge of your training using features such as our Target Train program, which allows you to set your fitness goals and track your progress to the minute. Discover more about yourself and your workouts using our Body Manager and Workout Performance features, keeping you informed with all the stats you need to know about your training. Savor the experience with our user interface by accessing your music, videos and social networks with ease. Your exercise revolution is here, and Circle Fitness will put you at the center of it.

Target Train

Target Train

"Target Train" comes with 5 different exercise targets, keeping you motivated and on track for your fitness plan!


Target selection

This program offers 5 different target options for users to select. We provide users with detailed and encouraging information on the current status of their workouts, including progress charts and target goals.

Status report

We provide achievement reports and simple breakdowns of all workouts to encourage users to stay moving and stay fit!


Social network integration allows our users to easily upload their progress to social media and encourage each other to stay active and healthy.

Sync up with CircleFit

Our consoles are fully synced with our CircleFit wellness app, allowing users to monitor their workouts from their smartphones. Take full control of your fitness; anytime, anywhere.


My Performance

My Performance

Whether you are using our indoor equipment, outdoor fitness apps, or wearable devices, Workout Performance has you covered!




We provide our users with information about each exercise session. Circle Fitness tracks your cardio equipment usage, outdoor fitness apps and wearable devices to bring you a detailed breakdown of your workout history.




Our Month-to-Month comparison charts break down your monthly performance into convenient charts for you to study and compare.




We've extended our Month-to-Month charts to bring you yearly comparisons of your fitness, allowing you to review your long-term workout progress.

App integration


We allow you to be fully engaged in your fitness program by seamlessly integrating all workout information from our indoor equipment and your outdoor fitness apps. All information is compiled into detailed charts and breakdowns for you to review progress over time.



Social network integration allows our users to easily upload their progress to social media and encourage each other to stay active and healthy.

Sync up with CircleFit


Our technology is synced with Circle Cloud and CircleFit wellness app, giving users the option to track their workout data and history remotely through their smartphones.

Body Manager

Body Manager

Our data integration technology compiles information from Circle Intelligent Body Analyzer and InBody570 and translates it into simple graphs and tables. Managing your body has never been easier!

Detailed explanation


Personalized data is clearly defined and measured, allowing you to manage your body without the need to consult health instructors! 

History tracking


The ability to track your workouts for later review is an essential component of fitness management. Our History tracking displays your workout information in graphs to keep you well informed and in control. 

Data accessbility


User data is immediately accessible using our Quick Log-in function via Bluetooth. All relevant information from InBody570 and Circle Body Analyzer is compiled and translated into a simple and intuitive UI for users to study. Enjoy total coverage of your fitness information with our Circle Cloud system, which facilitates real-time data syncing between all your apps, devices and consoles. Outside or in, rain or shine: CircleFit has you covered!  


My Gym

My Gym

My Gym keeps users up to date with the latest news, classes and offers from their gyms. It also lets users customize their personal schedules by adding or removing classes.

Stay informed


Our Bulletin function keeps users updated on the latest news and classes offered by their facilities.

Class schedule management


Our Class function displays classes offered by your gym in an easy-to-use calendar format.

Friendly reminders


All courses added or removed will go into My Calendar for your convenience. We also set reminders to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Sync up with CircleFit


My Gym syncs with our wellness app CircleFit, allowing you to access all of your personal gym information directly from your smartphone! 


My Workout

My Workout

Create your own unique exercise program!

Customized workout layout


We believe that each individual person deserves an individualized workout. We provide our users with the capability to design their own training courses, tailored to suit their needs.

Sync up with CircleFit



We offer seamless integration of data between all of your devices through CircleFit wellness app, allowing you to create and review your personalized workouts using only your smartphone.

Outdoor Exercise Apps & Wearables Integration

Outdoor Exercise Apps & Wearables Integration

CircleFit seamlessly integrates the data from all of your workouts, whether outside or indoors, making your workout as easy, exciting and joyful as possible!

Workout integration with popular outdoor fitness apps & wearable device


With our data integration capabilities, your fitness progress across 9 partnered workout apps is seamlessly tracked, archived and synced into our CircleFit app technology. Mixing up your workouts, monitoring your progress and keeping motivated has never been as simple or as fun.

CircleFit App

CircleFit App

Our powerful app boasts a real time connection with Circle Cloud and our latest TFT consoles, giving users the power to master their workouts with just a smartphone. Take control of your fitness; anytime, anywhere.

Our wellness app CircleFit collects and synthesizes all of your fitness data, giving you easy access to your information on our cardio machines or your smartphone. Take a look at some of this app's features:


Target Train


CircleFit lets you set training targets and review progress directly from the app itself.

Body Manager


Key statistics about your body and fitness are displayed on our simple and intuitive UI for you to review through CircleFit.

My Workout Performance


We compile your daily, monthly and yearly workout history for you to study and review whenever you want, whenever you want.

My Gym


CircleFit not only provides you with updates on new programs from your gym, it also allows you to sync classes to your personal schedule.

My Workout


Create, review or edit your customized workout from your smartphone.

Social Apps

Social Apps

We have partnered with the largest social media apps to allow users to stay connected even during their workouts!

Social networking sites partnerships


We have partnered with Facebook, Google and Twitter to bring you an instant connection with your friends and family during your workouts!

Virtual Go

Virtual Go

Virtual Connect takes you out of your house and into the great outdoors through one of 10 gorgeous, interactive exercise experiences!

We understand that over time, indoor exercise can become repetitive. Virtual Connect is designed to simulate the experience of running in one of 10 scenic routes, taking you through the virtual course step-by-step. Experience the beautiful outdoors from the comfort of your home!


Singapore Tropical Gardens


Experience the magnificent ‘Gardens by the Bay’ with over 25,000 species of tropical plants and flowers.

Through the Forest


Run through the beauty of colors, or jog alongside the quiet of nature. Let the fresh air be your guide, while the giant Karri trees become your friends.

In the Forest


Start your day with a beautiful walk through nature, or refresh yourself after a long day of work. Adventure awaits!

Alpine Mountain Passes


Begin your virtual walk through France and challenge yourself with each step. We’ll see you in Italy!

Singapore Boardwalks & Rainforests


Bring your workout closer to nature and enjoy the splendour that it has to offer.

Coastal Scenery Walk


Welcome to Coron, Philippines! The pristine beach assures the most indulgent workout.

Along the Beach


With the soft sand beneath your feet and the turquoise waters by your side, you will never want to stop running.

Mountain Fall Scenery


Enjoy the scenery and get into the mood as you walk through the beautiful Pyrenees National Park.

Canyon Landscapes


Whether you’re walking, jogging or running, let the beautiful desert landscapes take you away!

Wetlands and Lakes


Experience a relaxing walk in one of Europe’s largest wetlands. See if you can spot the birds!



Circle Fitness equipment features music integration designed to keep you happy and motivated. Access the music you love directly from your media apps or your Android device!

Music app partnerships

 We have partnered with the largest online music services such as Spotify, SoundCloud and Youtube to bring users unparalled access to music and video. Stay fit and stay entertained during your gym sessions!

Android device compatiability


All Circle Fitness machines come equipped with USB ports, allowing users to directly access their favourite music.

Website Surfing

Website Surfing

Our machines feature web surfing technology to keep our users connected throughout their workouts.

Selected Websites



Web-surfing functions convert your exercise machine into an online media center, making you more motivated and more engaged in your workout.

New Circle Asset Manager

New Circle Asset Manager

Our computerized gym maintenance system, New Circle Asset Manager, offers unparalleled power to provide detailed data to help gym owners monitor and manage their equipment.

While your members streamline their fitness plans using our CircleFit app, you can also monitor and manage your assets using our Circle Asset Manager!

With its clear and intuitive user interface, Circle Asset Manager will allow gym owners to maintain and maximize equipment efficiency with ease. Our customized applications will also attract and retain customers by optimizing their user experience.


Maximize asset investment


Our Overview panel gives gym owners a clear look at equipment status, usage trends, software updates and more. Quick access to this information allows gym operators to make well-informed and proactive decisions for their businesses.

Latest update & Support


This function allows gym owners to keep their equipment up to date with the latest features, software updates and technical support from Circle Fitness.



Usage graphs are designed to help gym owners monitor usage frequency of their machines across facilities. With this knowledge, they can plan for rotations to maximize usage of their equipment.

Daily usage statistics


Daily Usage statistics allow facility owners to review the peak and off-peak usage information for their equipment. This lets them arrange a floor plan to maximize equipment usage.

Plan better


Our preference charts instantly shows gym operators which machines are most popular and which are most well-suited to the needs of their clientele. This information is essential in developing the most logical and efficient floor plan.

Engage members


Circle Asset Manager helps with business expansion by allowing gym owners to easily post news about offers and events on the E Plus 2.0 facility calendar.

Class schedule


Say farewell to posting class schedules and time tables up on a bulletin board. Our technology allows gym owners to upload this information directly to E Plus 2.0 and CircleFit for the easiest customer experience!

Website customization


Create customized website selections on your consoles to keep customers engaged and entertained.

Top workout & Entertainment programs


Build client loyalty by offering personalized programs based on their workout and entertainment habits.